That afternoon, Ericson was scheduled to go to UCSF for his Lasik eye surgery to correct his vision. Jenny was supposed to accompany him, but decided not to go since she did not feel well. Instead, she made an appointment to see her doctor. Luckily, she was able to get a 1:00 appointment. After vomiting several times before her appointment, she thought that it was something that she had eaten the previous night that upset her stomach. Once she arrived at Kaiser in Fremont, the doctor noticed an unusual result in a routine urine test. She quickly sent Jenny to the laboratory to undergo a few more tests. Within an hour, the doctor made the decision to send Jenny to the Kaiser in Hayward for Labor and Delivery. Before really understanding what was going on, Jenny was carted off by ambulance to Hayward. Along the way, she had to make that phone call to Ericson to have him meet her in Hayward for what she understood could be an emergency delivery of their child. Keep in mind that Ericson had just finished his eye surgery and was instructed not to open his eyes to allow for the eye to heal. Nevertheless, Ericson, his mother, and his sister met Jenny at Hayward.

More Details to Come...